26 May 2009

Come Sit A While

Reclaimed objects make me very glad, but even more so when they're useful...and not only useful but truly used! In particular, making use of an old chair that has a history and a present, makes something promising of an otherwise bleek looking future. 
I'm not talking smelly, nor infested, I'm not in any way condoning a stinker... more so, a beautiful rejuvenation... or if it looks great as it is, just keep it that way. Take a look at these little wooden treasures, promise me you'd take a seat for a cup of tea with cake? Z.


17 May 2009

Oh Brother

The stitch is a great thing...Sewing, a work of simple genius. I've taken to sewing on the train these days; small pieces of functional mending, sometimes a decorative darn. Lyndsey McDougall makes light work of a needle and thread with nimble fingers, 
an inspiration... stitch sensation. Z

16 May 2009

Pop The Cork

Cork, not only because of it's eco qualities but also it's warm look and soft feel, is a big deal in interiors these days. Remember the old tea stained pot rests at your grannies? ...well now we have everything from coasters to chairs, flooring and bowls! Available new ofcourse, but you could find some old versions in charity shops, maybe not the Morrison chair though... 
Cork bonus: When you're done with it, stick it in the compost heap! Enjoy. Z

15 May 2009

Bunt Me

This Summer, I encourage you, whether it's a saturday BBQ or a big celebration, get hold of some colourful bunting ...and string yourself out! 
Hand making them would be all the better, everyone had a go at it in Primary School, if you didn't, heres more reason to try... I bet there's a flag flying high somewhere in your heart! Enjoy. Z

12 May 2009

Glass Hands

This is the work of Asa Jungnelius, a Swedish glass designer. It's all handmade and looks like delicious! If you're into pink, or shiny, or gold...you might just love this. The rest of you can decide otherwise, but you have to admit, it's a pretty splendid collection! Enjoy. Z

11 May 2009


I've stumbled upon a load of photographs on Flikr of beautiful chromographically arranged bookcases. These pictures make me smile... maybe it's the neat freak unleashed or the colour obsession within, but they do just make finding and reading the entire home library look all the more attainable! ...give it a whirl. Z

10 May 2009


There's something cherished about my Sunday morning wake-up... a tasty breakfast, no rush, no day of work ahead, morning sun as a bonus, complete with a mug of steaming coffee. The coffee itself, and how it's made, is particular, but I think half my joy is in the mug I drink it from... here are some samples to get you brewing... Together, raise your mugs and cheer... heres to the day. Z

9 May 2009

Keep It On

The Hat, in various shapes and sizes, has had a comeback. The variety is definitely part of the fun, and it's an interesting search to get one you love, I'm still on the look out. Here are some well worn head-pieces to stir you into bravery, go on, don some headwear today that maybe makes you feel like a sore thumb... Enjoy. Z

8 May 2009


Apparently, or so I've heard, we're in for a scorcher Summer, a tropical bliss they say! So in a respectful nod to the humble umbrella, which served its purpose through the April showers and now will be left at home for the next few months of sun, here are some glorious umbrella tributes... I also heard that optimism is the punk. Enjoy, Z

7 May 2009

Post It

For my first blog, I have plunged into the sea of 'hand-made cards' ...in at the deep end I believe! Despite the over bearing trend that it is and wishing that all 'card making kits' would go away, I have found some relief in a few gems that stand out from the crowd... how lovely to receive one of these through your door... 
be inspired, enjoy. Z