20 November 2009

City at the Feet of Mountains & at the Shore of Sea

Here are some photographs from a trip to HongKong, what a fantastic place...the colours and smells! Noodles from a street vendor, luminous D&G shop signs, escalators, old tall flats with washing lines and strong old women...i hope you get to go someday. The city as a harbour is unbelievable. Z.

29 October 2009

Wear It Well

Apologies to those in the Southern Hemisphere who will be confused by the wintery themes in my recent posts...the majority are somehow always connected to what the weathers doing. And so, here's a collection of some of the best rain coats I've seen, ready and willing to resist that November sideways rain. The first two are from modesphere...fantastic! And I think everyone knows someone who owns a yellow raincoat!
Don't hide away, get out and play in the puddles.
As for the Southerners...we are thinking of you all...sun shining...tropical fruits...agh.x

13 October 2009


Things are cooling down and this morning was another frosty one, I've been looking at lots of rugs, throws, blankets and cushions recently, been making my own (I'll get them up here soon!) and found these few treasures at old Habitat...(sorry about the mini pics!) They may sell thousands of them, yes, they're big and fat, but I can't help but like these cushions...they actually look a little more homegrown...maybe thats why I like them. Cushions are great for building a cosy fortress, I sit in it while I drink my Tea or watch a good film....cosy up! Z.x

2 October 2009


Wow, have we been lazy or just distracted lately? Who knows! But one thing is for sure, a bit of colour does wonders for the imagination...and to add to that, shape and form makes us ask, what is that? Certainly Lenancker does his best! Here are some manmade colours for the beginning of October, but we're all waiting for when nature will soon show us just how its done. Z

14 September 2009


''Aaron andAyumi K. Pilandare the fantastical magical duo known as APAK. They are a childlike husband and wife collaborative art group who live among the fury conifer giants in a little cottage on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. They create artwork together as a way exploring the beauty, mystery, and magic of life as well as expressing their love for life and each other.'' Their cards, made from 100% recycled paper and printed with Soy based inks, are all on show atLittle Paper Planes! Enjoy. Z.

13 September 2009


This week, (according to local sayings) I was heavily 'Under the Weather'...but the Weather was no where near being on top of me...oh no. It was gallantly parading itself around outside, shaking its sunny bum through the curtains! Summer arrives and it's September...I'm stuck in bed with the flu. But despite it, I managed to use my camera by my bed, so this is what I preoccupied myself with, through the battle. C'est la vie. Z.

2 September 2009


Wow there...September?! Here we are, a new month, a new semester, a new Season...so it appears. The dogs and I could see our frosty breath this morning, that's a change. The past few weeks have been quiet on the making front as I catch up with other things, but the inspiration continues ofcourse...three things I've made Oh's and Ah's at are as follows. September the Second, have a great day. Z.

Photography by Yvette Inufio...melting colours, secret places and beaches, look her up!

Good old 'Martha' told me about these beauties. Make them at home, paint them up and use your wax leftovers from once used candles! The hens will adore you for it!

Over at Rumplo you can buy these cute tees...they have so much stuff printed up, some of it is very country cousin...have a looksie.x

14 August 2009

Gold Love

Following on from last week-ends craft fair, I couldn't help but shout from the roof-tops about my new favourite find. Based in Glasgow, jewellery inclined, and of quite a botanical influence. Abigail Percy makes well considered, dainty yet bold and beautiful pieces of jewellery. If you fall in love, venture into the goldy world of smooth lines and adornment over at her shop...enjoy. Z.

10 August 2009


Well CraftFest finished yesterday, it was a fun weekend, I made some happy customers and a few new friends! Thankfully Sunday turned out to be a sunny day and the live Jazz band with all the visitors made it my favourite. A little selection of pics below...If you didn't make it down, you can still purchase from my shop online or watch out for another fair... either way, Summer is still here, I hope you have a lovely week...Z.

I sold lots of cards...but my favourite story was a lady who bought this one for her husband, it was their 15th anniversary.

Some happy girlies with their 'MagicComb' covered in vintage pearls...

and a feather hairband...cute!

I borrowed some bubble-wrap from the generous Lynda B... very beautiful pottery, have a look at her ceramic jewellery too.

And my neighbouring stall was lovely Lesley Frew of LAF Designs, she makes jewellery from recycled plastic bags...I got a pair of cute earrings, see below! {sorry it's a bit pixely!}

3 August 2009

Drum Roll

Nervous, excited... it's that time, a great craft fair to take NoThrowaway from here to there. I've been making making making, preparing for the 2009 CraftFest in Castle Ward this weekend coming. If you're on this small slice of land, (Northern & Southern Ireland) then you should really be going...especially if you like hand-made anythings, or limited editions or original designs. I'm so excited, I think I've got the eye of the tiger. More from Tony later, see below for a small taste. Z.

'Love notes' is a little box full of designed blank cards, envelopes, pegs, bookmarks and other loving tokens for your sweetheart. Perfect engagement or wedding pressie!

A pretty gold-plated brooch, with hand-painted paper roses, sealed in place with some varnish to take the knocks of a well worn piece. (Other colours at the fair)

Some rosette badges... for whoever your local hero is!

25 July 2009


I've been busy printing these days, dry-point etching to be specific pacific. This series is based on the bizarre, lovely, tragic and enlightening relationships within family and friendships... sounds a bit heavy i know, but the images are set in natural outdoor environments, it gives these little thoughtful people some perspective, we're never as cool as we think we are. I'll get some more up soon... Z

19 July 2009

Use Me

This is what happens when I get too involved with the PVA glue and lots of left over fabrics, scraps, materials... bits and pieces that I've held onto for one reason or another. Sometimes what stands alone isn't all that impressive but when you give it a few friends and mix it with glue...it's a textile revolution!(For dramatic effect.) See below for how I cut my new 'fabric' up and stitched it into a piece.
Viva Le... Reclaimed. Z.