25 July 2009


I've been busy printing these days, dry-point etching to be specific pacific. This series is based on the bizarre, lovely, tragic and enlightening relationships within family and friendships... sounds a bit heavy i know, but the images are set in natural outdoor environments, it gives these little thoughtful people some perspective, we're never as cool as we think we are. I'll get some more up soon... Z

19 July 2009

Use Me

This is what happens when I get too involved with the PVA glue and lots of left over fabrics, scraps, materials... bits and pieces that I've held onto for one reason or another. Sometimes what stands alone isn't all that impressive but when you give it a few friends and mix it with glue...it's a textile revolution!(For dramatic effect.) See below for how I cut my new 'fabric' up and stitched it into a piece.
Viva Le... Reclaimed. Z.

10 July 2009

Ebony Bizys

This is one busy girl, read her interview here... and check out her first exhibition in the Sydney 'Kudos Gallery' (below) As well, the vid she made, which is stupendos... oh colour colour colour...and fun!! You go girly whirl. Enjoy! Z

7 July 2009

Oh America

Across the sea west-ward, there is talent abounding, ofcourse, as there is in all other directions too! Linda Johnson has caught my pottery loving eye though, if only we could hold these little hand turned and painted pieces of crockery in our hands... they are beautiful, you could always buy them from her... that would work a treat. To cup the 'bird on a wire' cup in your hands... My favourite is the cookie jar, what's yours? Enjoy. Z

6 July 2009

A Year Ago

Although it was a year ago, I thought I'd sneakie you a peek at my comfy chair...I created the fabric as a digital repeat patten based on sky scrapers window patterns. It's a hardly used reclaimed chair from a UTV set! Very smart, fresh and comfortable... space light and print. Do you like it? It is for sale : ) More to come.

3 July 2009

Buy Nurses Purses

They aren't really for nurses...but they are purses... calico fabric is cute and these two are made out of 100% floral pattern! Reused fabric from an old friends gift, I have also put on some marble and glass beads, with a Ms Kahlo trinket. Available now over at my new shop...

2 July 2009

Make A Mark

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, obviously, just like all of us...and I'm sure your opinions on style vary... but I've enjoyed looking out some not so inky lookalikes. Here are some tattoo stylee hand embroideries, found over on flikr, by rectangel, kittyzilla1 and s@r@lynn. Enjoy, Z.