29 June 2009

The Time Has Come!

It's time I put some of my own work up here for you to see... I'll post what I'm working on from week to week...for now, this is a photograph from back in 2006 when I spent some time making little structures...pretend it's the size of buildings!
I'll post all sorts from now on, from photographs to cushions and prints to bags... I hope it's of interest to you all. Let's be simple and natural. Z

22 June 2009

Draw Me In

I just can't get enough of Paul Hollands' handy work...based in Paris and busy with commissions, he's a gem of an illustrator. The art of collage is seamless in his work, digitally enriched, I can't help but wonder about the layers and how he manages just the right balance to make us feel 'it's amazing!' Good to see details in the collage work and note the drawings within, especially beautiful. Some examples below, but go find him for yourself too. Z.

20 June 2009

Dish Washer Friendly

We ourselves are the dish washers, no machinery as of yet. Our friends bought us a new dish rack which makes dish washing that bit friendlier, I have always had a bit of a frosty disposition towards the washing up...except for on days when your hands are cold and you want to think about something... Here is a pic of the present we received (accompanied by its various colour options!) and another few beauts to encourage you to soften the chore! Z.

12 June 2009

Home Sweet Home

Where I took my first steps as a 'terrible two' or around that, is The Sheelin, a thatched cafe in Bellenaleck, County Fermanagh. (Northern Ireland for those of you further flung!) Of late, Rosie Cathcart has unearthed a quaint little tea house, all the decor and furniture is re-claimed or antique, so below are some pictures to carry you there...included is my grandmother, a regular tea drinker. Enjoy, Z.

9 June 2009


HiddenArt... (a membership organisation that supports and promotes designer-makers, while offering companies and members of the public access to original design) ....(breathe)... have some new goodies up on their shop pages, take a look around via clicking on the title 'Treatsies' or just drool over these fine pieces for now. Either way, it's good to see some fresh designers getting some air, all very exciting and inspiring if you ask me! Z.

4 June 2009

Handy Tales

So delicious, this video has had many moments of my attention lately... Sia is an old favourite, but I think for this song 'Soon We'll Be Found', her collaboration with Claire Carre is exotic and comforting all in one video...click on the 'Handy Tales' title above and enjoy! Z.

To the Botanics!

A friend of mine has become quite a garden geek of late, she has even managed to create a journal recording the growth of her plants and the balance of ph in the soil! Sketches of each bloom are the next chapter I believe, so I may try to snap some pictures and let you see... but for now, to satisfy your botanical cravings (whether you realise you have them or not), here are some pictures from my weekend trip, the colours are just amazing! I recommend a visit to the garden centre or your local National Trust, or maybe even the public greenhouses nearest to you... where ever you go, continue the plant admiration with joy and enthusiasm! Enjoy, Z.

1 June 2009

Rain On Me

I love flowers and I love plants. Plants make flowers and plants love water. So you give them plenty to drink... and so the complicated lesson is over. Here are some of the most lovely traditional watering cans I could find, your plants mightn't notice the colour but i think they do prefer the rain effect to the pour ...happy sprinkling! Z.