29 October 2009

Wear It Well

Apologies to those in the Southern Hemisphere who will be confused by the wintery themes in my recent posts...the majority are somehow always connected to what the weathers doing. And so, here's a collection of some of the best rain coats I've seen, ready and willing to resist that November sideways rain. The first two are from modesphere...fantastic! And I think everyone knows someone who owns a yellow raincoat!
Don't hide away, get out and play in the puddles.
As for the Southerners...we are thinking of you all...sun shining...tropical fruits...agh.x

13 October 2009


Things are cooling down and this morning was another frosty one, I've been looking at lots of rugs, throws, blankets and cushions recently, been making my own (I'll get them up here soon!) and found these few treasures at old Habitat...(sorry about the mini pics!) They may sell thousands of them, yes, they're big and fat, but I can't help but like these cushions...they actually look a little more homegrown...maybe thats why I like them. Cushions are great for building a cosy fortress, I sit in it while I drink my Tea or watch a good film....cosy up! Z.x

2 October 2009


Wow, have we been lazy or just distracted lately? Who knows! But one thing is for sure, a bit of colour does wonders for the imagination...and to add to that, shape and form makes us ask, what is that? Certainly Lenancker does his best! Here are some manmade colours for the beginning of October, but we're all waiting for when nature will soon show us just how its done. Z