13 December 2011

Photo Phun

Sadly I don't have photoshop, so special effects and playing with pictures is limited to the red-eye features in iphoto! But I do have a printer, and when I saw these look-book images for backpack company 'Herschel Supply Co.' I had to do play with some double exposures (or double prints outs). Very lovely atmospheric images and great product!
Check the full original lookbook, it'll be worth it...below are my black and white double ups.

2 December 2011

Just a thought...

Ever see a picture of clothing and wish you could zap it out of the image and into your hands?...well I wanted this wardrobe full to appear on the chair at the end of my bed. Maybe I'm creepy, but I love everything about this shot.

Thanks Bentley Beich for the clothes and Anne-Claire Rohé for the image : )