24 May 2012

Face Lift

I've done a little bit of work to my website, just thought I'd link back to it...most of you may have found my blog via zoephenix.com but incase you're here first, go take a nosey : ) Miss Square-Eyes here is away to play outside!

12 January 2012


Sometimes I see a picture on the big world wide web that makes for a skipped heart beat, when I discovered Elisa Strozyks wooden fabric, it was one of those moments. Eureka, she did it! I played with the idea of wood and fabric combining in my final year at University but her creations are the successful product of many hours, monies and serious material exploration. I'd love to see them in real life, would be good to experience the three dimensional versions...nevermind the linen and wood rugs!

13 December 2011

Photo Phun

Sadly I don't have photoshop, so special effects and playing with pictures is limited to the red-eye features in iphoto! But I do have a printer, and when I saw these look-book images for backpack company 'Herschel Supply Co.' I had to do play with some double exposures (or double prints outs). Very lovely atmospheric images and great product!
Check the full original lookbook, it'll be worth it...below are my black and white double ups.

2 December 2011

Just a thought...

Ever see a picture of clothing and wish you could zap it out of the image and into your hands?...well I wanted this wardrobe full to appear on the chair at the end of my bed. Maybe I'm creepy, but I love everything about this shot.

Thanks Bentley Beich for the clothes and Anne-Claire Rohé for the image : )

2 October 2011

Workshop Mania

I have been teaching lots of work-shops this month and last. I've really enjoyed it, with a variety of ages and skills, it's been an adventure. Here are some pics of the fun. Thanks to my trusty helpers along the way, Andrea, Rose and Laura. As well as the Belfast Mela, Craft NI, and Octoberfest with Magherafelt Council.

Always a frenzy round the button tub!

Simple block printing

The ladies at the Magherafelt Octoberfest Workshop were lovely, some well skilled creative hands at work, very impressive!

ribbon corsages
embroidery close-up
embellished petals

Using old seat-belts!

30 August 2011


My solo exhibtion opens this Thursday evening 7-9 in the Sunburst Gallery, Ards Arts Centre. Papel-Stan means Pebble-Stone in Old English. Here's the blurb from the events guide...this solo thing is a first for me, I'm hoping it's not a last, all this making has been fun!

papel-stān an exhibition by Zoe Phenix

This exhibition explores the celebration of natural elements within textile compositions. Each piece created has been composed using carefully chosen materials, including reclaimed fabrics, antique threads and found elements. Zoe’s approach to colour and composition transforms a space and her showcase of creations is something distinctively beautiful.

27 August 2011

Belfast Mela 2011

Tomorrow I'll be teaching a workshop at the Belfast Mela (Botanic Gardens) on how to make an Eco Bag! The whole event is open from 12 through to 8.30 in the evening but the workshop will run from 1-3pm in the Craft Tent. It's a fantastic festival, check out the website for all the fun stuff going on, if you do make it down, come say hi. I'll post some photos of all the crafty festival goers after the event!

25 July 2011

Busy Lizzy

Catch up time : ) Yes, there's been a few exhibitions since my last post (mostly with the Firsty crew) so check out my recent 'Near Dark' series in my portfolio, but on a far more exciting note - I recently got the chance to put an installation into The Arboury Gallery in Bangor. The gallery itself is pretty spectacular (if you're in the country - go there), owners Andy and Debbie are also super lovely and have chosen some great artists to present. It was a pleasure to use the wee room on the side for a textile adventure, running with my pebble theme, I stitched like crazy and came up with the serene scene below. Lots coming up in August, officially our Craft Month, so of-course there's going to be lots going on, more to follow!

19 March 2011

Better Closer

Maybe I like these better close up, like an underwater world of pebble and antique thread magic? You'd have to stand really close to them if they were hanging on your wall... Weird.x

18 March 2011

Firsty Exhibition in...Bangor?!

Well well, who would have thunk it? The town I now live in, Bangor (by the sea) has unearthed a tonne of artists (60+!!) and we've formed a creative collective so to speak, meeting for encouragement, crits and crafty planning the first and third thursday of the month, so we've called ourselves Thirsty....it's a tangle twister, it works : ) Here's some of my work from the February show, upstairs in the rabbit rooms. Join the group if you feel compelled, there are so many good reasons to get involved... Easter exhibition coming up this April... there may be a flag flying high from the castle of my heart. Enjoy. Z.

My postcard for the free raffle!

Contemplating pebbles & Valentine themes

A topsy turvy look at the biggest piece, family units.

Pieces called 'Family Ties' W/Colour, Pebbles & Antique threads

Exhibiting beside Karin Patrys beautiful print

Nestled on my wall! (I'll sell someday and eat cake.)