4 October 2010

Preoccupied much?

hello...okay so as much as I've tried to get on-line to post more pictures of my Finland trip, I haven't, because I've been slightly preoccupied. A renovation project, which never started out as a 'renovation' project has been the sole interest these days...weeks...! So working with lack of internet access and hands like a seasoned gardener, i'll find a way, eventually, to complete the Finnish series. But for now, go across to fortyone and check out our madness...
forty one

13 September 2010


I just recently got back from a fascinating trip to the tranquil Lapua, in Finland. Travelling as a Textile Designer/Maker to become part of a team leading a costume making workshop in the Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku. As an Irish facilitator in Finland, I was to show how to make, rather than tell. Despite the class being kids from 11-14 years, their English was super and far better than my Finnish! The purpose of the trip was to create a bit of extra interest and an alternative language experience for those attending the workshop, but obviously my ears pricked up when I heard it would be in Finland! It was a great oppurtunity for me to soak up some Finnish design, lifestyle, history and landscape...a trip I'm going to glean inspiration from for years to come.

I'll post quite a few pictures...i know how much some of you love the Scandinavian Design!

To begin, the train that took me from Tempere to Lapua...
My hotel room, with a great curtain and chair combo!

So many beautiful gardens throughout the town, this one was at a school.
More to come...

13 July 2010

Pretty Little Things

On a recent browse of the Sea-Front shops I came across these little pieces of textile heaven, everything seems to be so dainty from 'way-back-when...' I'm not sure if they're for the corners of your blouse or the edges of table cloths or as coasters for your glass of ginger beer?! Either way, I wanted to share them with you... hand painted and so pretty ...sigh : )

19 June 2010

As Clear As Day!

They're springing up as clear as day...in the middle of the night! Here is a refill. Enjoy. Z

16 June 2010

Drawing Me Crazy

Recently I've been trying to remember the little characters I meet in my dreams and draw them as closely as I can, I've given these folk a few dream clouds of their own! Apparently if you lie very still as you wake up you'll somehow remember your dreams more clearly...so they say. I think you're just a vivid dreamer or you're not...if you're not, then dream of breakfast at least!
You know, sometimes I wake up exhausted from hanging out with these little creeps all night...x

4 May 2010

Exclamation Reclaim-ation...

Nothing like a good old exhibition submission to get you off your laurels and spark nimble fingers...these three pieces are now in the spaceCRAFT gallery and shop in Belfast, run by the Craft & Design Collective. I've been trying to focus on using as many re-claimed materials as possible, it is a little harder to work with at times...but I can't be short of a challenge or two, so it's a great way to work for me. Somehow once May comes about, I'm a whole lot more industrious...it must be the Cherry Blossoms.

So in the spirit of things, find some junk to make beautiful today : )

22 April 2010

There Has Been Much Slumber

Yes, there has been much Winter hibernation, and now it looks as though, along with the daffodils, I will come back to pace. Not that I haven't been busying myself, I'll try and get plenty of pics up to show you what I've been up to. For now, this first photo sums up the feeling I think, it's Karin Nussbaumers work. Set me up for the Springs hopeful light and the excitement for long Summer days Karin!...maybe with a trusty kite. : )