4 June 2009

To the Botanics!

A friend of mine has become quite a garden geek of late, she has even managed to create a journal recording the growth of her plants and the balance of ph in the soil! Sketches of each bloom are the next chapter I believe, so I may try to snap some pictures and let you see... but for now, to satisfy your botanical cravings (whether you realise you have them or not), here are some pictures from my weekend trip, the colours are just amazing! I recommend a visit to the garden centre or your local National Trust, or maybe even the public greenhouses nearest to you... where ever you go, continue the plant admiration with joy and enthusiasm! Enjoy, Z.

1 comment:

  1. What beautiful photographs - the colours are amazing. I saw your comment on my daughter's blog - Abigail Percy - I was intrigued by the nothroaway title - so here I am..... thanks for these beautiful images, they have so brightened a very wet grey Glasgow day! Vivienne