2 September 2009


Wow there...September?! Here we are, a new month, a new semester, a new Season...so it appears. The dogs and I could see our frosty breath this morning, that's a change. The past few weeks have been quiet on the making front as I catch up with other things, but the inspiration continues ofcourse...three things I've made Oh's and Ah's at are as follows. September the Second, have a great day. Z.

Photography by Yvette Inufio...melting colours, secret places and beaches, look her up!

Good old 'Martha' told me about these beauties. Make them at home, paint them up and use your wax leftovers from once used candles! The hens will adore you for it!

Over at Rumplo you can buy these cute tees...they have so much stuff printed up, some of it is very country cousin...have a looksie.x

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