13 October 2009


Things are cooling down and this morning was another frosty one, I've been looking at lots of rugs, throws, blankets and cushions recently, been making my own (I'll get them up here soon!) and found these few treasures at old Habitat...(sorry about the mini pics!) They may sell thousands of them, yes, they're big and fat, but I can't help but like these cushions...they actually look a little more homegrown...maybe thats why I like them. Cushions are great for building a cosy fortress, I sit in it while I drink my Tea or watch a good film....cosy up! Z.x


  1. Ooh, these are nice. I have a few habitat cushions myself already, but these are oh-so tempting...

    We are just getting down to making our own cushions and homewares ourselves {several hundred feather inserts arrived into my small flat this morning actually! ;)}...so I am with you on the idea of surrounding yourself and nesting up in them all...


    Hope you're well! xo


  2. thanks for the cosy comment abigail, hope all the cushions and homeware making is going really well...just the time of year to be creating them...get that fire lit and the hot chocolate steaming! : )