13 September 2010


I just recently got back from a fascinating trip to the tranquil Lapua, in Finland. Travelling as a Textile Designer/Maker to become part of a team leading a costume making workshop in the Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku. As an Irish facilitator in Finland, I was to show how to make, rather than tell. Despite the class being kids from 11-14 years, their English was super and far better than my Finnish! The purpose of the trip was to create a bit of extra interest and an alternative language experience for those attending the workshop, but obviously my ears pricked up when I heard it would be in Finland! It was a great oppurtunity for me to soak up some Finnish design, lifestyle, history and landscape...a trip I'm going to glean inspiration from for years to come.

I'll post quite a few pictures...i know how much some of you love the Scandinavian Design!

To begin, the train that took me from Tempere to Lapua...
My hotel room, with a great curtain and chair combo!

So many beautiful gardens throughout the town, this one was at a school.
More to come...

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  1. Hey Zoe, more pics please! Did you get involved with Craft Northern Ireland. The exhibition in the Ormeau Baths Gallery was great. Hope you are keeping well.