18 March 2011

Firsty Exhibition in...Bangor?!

Well well, who would have thunk it? The town I now live in, Bangor (by the sea) has unearthed a tonne of artists (60+!!) and we've formed a creative collective so to speak, meeting for encouragement, crits and crafty planning the first and third thursday of the month, so we've called ourselves Thirsty....it's a tangle twister, it works : ) Here's some of my work from the February show, upstairs in the rabbit rooms. Join the group if you feel compelled, there are so many good reasons to get involved... Easter exhibition coming up this April... there may be a flag flying high from the castle of my heart. Enjoy. Z.

My postcard for the free raffle!

Contemplating pebbles & Valentine themes

A topsy turvy look at the biggest piece, family units.

Pieces called 'Family Ties' W/Colour, Pebbles & Antique threads

Exhibiting beside Karin Patrys beautiful print

Nestled on my wall! (I'll sell someday and eat cake.)

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